This is "The” hill to prove your off-road skills. It is a very dangerous hill and suggested for only experienced riders in certain areas. If you do make it to the top, there can be some nasty surprises waiting for you on the other side. There have been more people air-lifted from this area than almost any other in the Ocotillo Wells Off-Road State Park. This miniature mountain range arose from the seabed floor and is composed with rock, sand, dirt, and trillions on trillions of tiny seashells and ancient aquatic life.


One of the favorite spots to visit in the Off-Road State Park. This unique landscape is the result of wind and water continuously eroding the surface soil and revealing globular sandstone concretions. It's an adventurous ride from Desert Ironwoods that passes many great riding hot spots along the way. Depending on the groups riding level, you may need to plan routes that are young rider friendly. There are hills on the way that can have decent climbs in deep sand base.


This 200 foot-high granite and sand island is named for the challenge it presents to the OHV enthusiast. It is actually an ancient decomposing mountaintop. A dark coat of desert varnish covers the rocks as a result of exposure to sunlight. The hill is said to be haunted from old mineshafts found in the hill. This is a great off-road climbing training area for all levels of skill. From gentle sloping sand dunes on it's south side to the mixed terrain, vertical climbs, which get progressively tougher as you move north up the hill.


The legendary sand dune hill in Ocotillo Wells was originally formed by massive sand storms many years ago. It is fed with new sand from the sweeping winds across the desert, which in turn continuously reshapes and rebuilds the hill from riders during the year. As off-road vehicles climb the hill it makes a track with big whoops, a giant berm at the top, and a tighter berm at the base. Traffic on this hill can become dangerous, so please use caution and ensure you look for other riders at all times. During the New Year holiday Blow Sand lights up with excitement like no other place on the planet.